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From the publisher, Sasquatch Books:

We’ve all heard the common terms for groups of animals—
a pack of wolves, a school of fish—but there’s so much more!
After discovering that a group of ferrets is called
“a business,”  artist Sarah Asper-Smith became fascinated
with the intersection of language and the natural world.

Using bold prints overlaid on vibrant colors, Asper-Smith
created Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish?: An
Alphabet Book
to chronicle some of the surprisingly poetic
words we use to describe the magnificent animal kingdom.
From an “army of ants” to a “zeal of zebras,” Asper-Smith
takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the
alphabet with animal groups as her guide. Her bright,
graphic illustrations will appeal to little ones and their
parents, while both adults and kids are sure to learn
something new about animals along the way.