Smack of Jellyfish is the workings of Sarah Asper-Smith, who
likes to make the world more beautiful and functional through
her art and designs. This includes stationery and a children's
book, which inspired the business name, museum exhibits and displays, print materials and apparel.
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Sarah on the Molly Whuppie
I am currently attending graduate school in Philadelphia. I plan to return to
my home in Alaska in 2011. I'm a designer by trade and by art as well. I love
curry and goat cheese and fresh herbs, the sound of waves and the sound of
wind, word play and Scrabble and puns. I love red wine and surrounding myself
with people I care about. I love being alone in my cabin with my thoughts.
I love books with nice covers. I love form and I love function.

Contact by phone: 907.209.5970